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On this week’s UM News show, reporter Dominique Giusti and photographer Carrie Miller find out how shortening the six-week winter break to four weeks may help students choose between staying in Missoula to work or spending that time at home with their families. Before this year’s holiday break, photographer Nick Chrestenson baked holiday cookies with international students at a new event. Lastly, reporter Sean Robb and photographer Andy Anderson looked at how UM students and faculty are spreading the holiday cheer for all to hear. This show is anchored by Dominique Giusti and Sarah Yovetich. It is produced by Sojin Josephson and directed by Carrie Miller.



Once a year, the Salish and Kooteni Veteran Warrior Society brings the community together for Veterans Day to honor those who served. Photographer Joe Hodgson and UM News reporter Dominique Giusti made a trip to Pablo for a closer look.



University of Montana is the first college in the state to introduce key log rolling. Photographer Ryan Groh and UM News Reporter Domininque Giusti went for a swim to watch a a competition in action.



Dominique Giusti and Sean Robb anchor this week’s episode of UM News. We feature a story on how more students are calling for rides on Griz Walk, a service to help students get to their cars or across campus safely in the evenings. We also tell you about a haunted building on the UM campus and a step back into history at a local cemetery. Sarah Yovetich produced; and Ryan Groh directed this episode.



To prepare for Halloween, a large crowd of Missoulians came out to hear ghost stories that uncover the past. Photographer Peter Riley and UM News Reporter Dominique Giusti went to Stories and Stones to see history come to life.



One University of Montana program shows their Griz pride by cleaning up the mess made in nearby neighborhoods during home football games. UM News Reporter Dominique Giusti and Photojournalist Andy Anderson learned more.